Make Paper Plate Drums

Are you looking for a noisemaker that is more musical than your typical punching and clicking preschooler? Try this fast arts and crafts activities that will produce a homemade plate paper tambourine! It’s easy to do with the supplies you probably already have on hand, and makes a great toy. No wonder it’s a classic!

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Arts and Crafts
Construction & Sculpture

What do you need:
2 paper plates
A handful of dried beans
A stapler
Magic markers, stickers, glitter glue, etc.

What are you doing:
Place a plate of paper on the table and have your child drop a handful of beans.
Cover with the other plate, face down, and grate the edges of the plates together. Make sure the staples are close enough so that beans can not escape!
When the tambourine is completely constructed, give your child the art supplies and let him go crazy with the decorations! Stickers, finger painting, even feathers and ribbons will give this quick art a touch of style to last through many musical numbers!